It was a pleasure to meet Martin and various members of Verwood Town Football Club on Saturday representing Edwards as one of their main sponsors.

All of the people associated with the Club do so on a voluntary basis but despite their passion for the club they have many obstacles to overcome before the game can even begin. Martin explained to me that vandalism is a problem at the ground and only recently people had set fire to the grounds... seating.

Verwood is known for being such a close knit community and its a real shame that a few can spoil something that brings pleasure to so many. The Club have big plans afoot to make changes to stop this kind of behaviour and to encourage more locals to come and support them, one of them being to build a club house but of course these plans all needs funding.

It would be so lovely to hear that as a community we all pulled together to watch and support them when at home and by doing this help to make the amazing plans for the Club a reality