Celebrating International Woman’s Day

International Womens day

Edwards Estate Agents – Proudly supporting International Women’s Day.

Edwards Estate Agents promote an equal opportunities approach to recruitment. Employing people based on their ability!

We strongly believe that diversity brings us the best, to use a quote from International Women’s Day, we actively support a ‘world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated.’

In celebration of this day, we are proud to introduce the many Women that make Edwards Estate agents the amazing business it is today!

Hayley Brooks Edwards Estate Agents

Hayley Brooks – Director – Edwards Ferndown

Lorraine Brooks

Lorraine Brooks – Head of Finance – Ferndown

Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper – Administrator – Ferndown

Helen McDonnell

Helen McDonnell – Ferndown

Keri Sanderson

Keri Sanderson – Ferndown

Emma Dickie

Emma Dickie – Poole

Annaliese Hill

Annaliese Hill – Poole

Anji Hazell - Edwards Estate agents Verwood

Anji Hazell – Verwood

Nicky Curtis - Edwards Estate agents Verwood

Nicky Curtis – Verwood

Anita Jones - Edwards Estate agents Verwood

Anita Jones – Verwood

Laura Lewis - Edwards Estate Agents Wimborne

Laura Lewis – Wimborne

Rachel Dean - Edwards Estate Agents Wimborne

Mani Douse – Wimborne

Jill Large - Edwards Estate Agents Wimborne

Jill Large – Wimborne

Sian Coombes - Edwards Estate Agents Wimborne

Sian Coombes – Wimborne